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Bruce Gabor

C. Meyer

Bruce Gabor AKA Corey Meyer and who knows who else, posted on “Relics Destroyed” he thinks Susan Hathaway went a bit overboard stating the attacks and attempts at the destruction of anything Confederate. Might I suggest everyone subscribe to this newsletter and see for yourself just how many attacks are made against Confederate heritage.

Posted with permission:
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2 thoughts on “A newsletter worth reading

  1. George
    I called out Corey on his blog “The blood of my kindred” here is the conversation notice he is in full denial mode

    March 5 2015


    You are a heck of one to complain about any one using a fake profile, as you have been doing it for quite some time now. You can love Lincoln all you want but know they are many Americans that despise him. By the way what happen to you FaceBook account “Union Million Man Mliita”? Looking foward to Vicksburg we should have a great time.
Deo Vindice.

    March 6 2015

    You too must be under the delusion that I have used many aliases. While I have used some I have not used as many as I have been accused of using. I think the number is up to near 30 that I have been accused of using…I just don’t have that type of time to create that many fake ID’s.
    As for Union Million Man Militia…still a member…still under my name.
    Vicksburg…what is happening in Vicksburg?

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