William Mack Lee: A Black Confederate?

Well maybe, maybe not. Al Mackey makes a compelling argument that he wasn’t at https://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/william-mack-lee-a-black-confederate/

Before I make any comments I want to remind everyone that this is the same Al Mackey that gloats every time a Confederate symbol, monument or name comes under attack. This is the same Al Mackey who doesn’t believe there was such things as Negro Confederates. This is the same Al Mackey who is a bigot, one who hates anything Confederate, and his blog is full of attacks that reflects those feelings.

What Mackey has down has taken a book that was surely written by someone else, which is obvious if you read the book, more than likely relating the story in 1918, of a an old man born in 1835. We have no knowledge how much this person knows about the war, or the generals who served. We are not sure of anything about this writer.

The dates make him 73 at the time of copyright. Mr. Lee has a minimal education, page 4 “At the close of the war I did not know A from B, although I had been preaching two years before the war.” Surely at his age his memory is going, more than likely he gets names and places confused and yes I am sure he wants attention enough to embellish his story somewhat.

On the other hand Al Mackey, judging by his photo on his blog, is a reasonably young man, appears to be in good health and is highly educated. In fact he claims to be a historian at Virginia tech. Each and every one of the posters who commented on Mackey’s blog claims to be educated, at least more than William Mack lee. All toe the line that W.M.Lee could not have served Gen. R. E. Lee. At a glance I see where none dispute his claim of being a Negro Confederate.

Moving on in Mackey’s blog post Mackey said– And how many guns fired a salute for Lee’s surrender? None.

Did I miss something? I cannot find where W.M. Lee made such a claim. In fact the statement I find is this on page 3—- “first battle of Manassas, second battle of Manassas and was there at the fire of the last gun for the salute of the surrender on Sunday, April 9, 9 o’clock, A. M., at Appomattox, 1865.” Do you think maybe at least one Confederate fired his weapon in celebration maybe several others joined in and this could be what Mr. Lee witnessed?

So Mackey with your health and education how do you make such a mistake?
Fact # 8: Union troops saluted their former enemies at the surrender ceremony.

The surrender was a highly emotional affair for the participants, many of whom had been fighting for four years. Soldiers on both sides cheered and cried – often at the same time – upon hearing the news.

The formal ceremony and collection of weapons took place on April 12 under the supervision of Brig. Gen. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. As ranks of Confederate soldiers came forward to hand over their weapons and flags, Chamberlain ordered his men to salute their defeated adversaries as a gesture of respect. Other witnesses also reported that interactions between Yankees and Rebels were almost entirely kind and friendly.

I see no point in addressing the remainder of Mackey’s attacks on Mr. Lee since I have shown Mackey’s true colors. I do want to address this statement Mackey made– historically ignorant racist confederate heritage people today with this

Mackey anytime you wish to prove my ignorance you are welcome to come here and try. All we have to do is look at your blog with ignorant bigoted ranting to figure out he is the most ignorant. As to your racism charge would you care to compare racism under the US Flag vs The CSA Flag. I bet you won’t take that challenge either..


5 thoughts on “William Mack Lee: A Black Confederate?

  1. I forgot to call everyone’s attention to one part of this book that is still true today–

    Bottom of Page 7–

    “Still limping from a yankee bullet, an old darkey, with a grizzled beard and an honest face, hobbled into the office of the World-News at a busy hour yesterday.

    “Kin you white folks gimme a little money fur my church?” he asked, doffing his tattered as he bowed.

    Typewriters tickled their hurried denial.

    And they still do.

  2. George
    He won’t reply he is a typical liberal jerk who thinks everything he says is the gospel. By his own admission he had no ancestors that fought on either side during the WBTS . Thus he shows his true racist colors.

  3. http://ehistory.osu.edu/books/official-records/097/0683


    Washington, D. C., April 9, 1865-10 p. m.

    Ordered, That a salute of 200 guns be fired at the headquarters of every army and department, and at every post and arsenal in the United States, and at the Military Academy at West Point on the day of the receipt of this order, in commemoration of the surrender of General R. E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia to Lieutenant-General Grant and the army under his command. Report of the receipt and execution of this order to be made to the Adjutant-General, Washington.


    (Copy to governors of States, mayors of principal cities, commanding generals of military departments, and others.)

  4. Mr/Ms Hemings
    Mr Mackey has showed in his post that he is not a impartial Student of History but has a left leaning agenda, just because he had no family that fought in that terrible war. He should have an objective view of history and not be skewed by his left leaning idea of history. He has attacked those who did not agree with his views and belittled them and their views. These battles of who is right and who is wrong have been going on for over 100 years, but always remember when you attack the Southern Soldier and the cause they fought for is like attacking me because his blood flows thru my veins. And that is why Mr Mackey will never understand we people of the South.
    I hope this answers your question.
    God bless
    Jessie Sanford
    Deo Vindice

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