Should We Ignore the Flaggers? NO!!!!!!

“I maintain it’s up to serious students of the war to oppose the rubbish groups like the flaggers put out. Not because it will change the minds of the fundamentalist flaggers, but because it will highlight the fact that the flaggers put out nonsense to people who are looking for information. The vast majority of those folks will never see the inside of a Civil War History classroom or listen to one of Professor Gallagher’s lectures, but the more information opposing the lunacy the flaggers and their ilk spew, the more likely it is that someone searching on the internet will be able to discount that lunacy.”

Al Mackey at

And later on, in the comments, he makes this statement— I’ll continue to oppose false information with true information.

Well first off, the flaggers or Confederate Heritage supporters are the only ones who will post true history. The only other way to find the truth is do the research yourself. The “historians’ cut from the same cloth as Mackey have a biased agenda and will not admit the truth.

Mackey if we are so ignorant why is it you continually get your butt kicked with facts every time you stick your head out from behind the safety of your friends blogs? Why is it that time and time again your version of history is nothing more than twisted facts, a few cherry picked quotes, insults, the dismissal of facts you don’t agree with and outright lies?

If you are so knowledge about history, why for almost the last year, your posts have been 90% articles, books and online videos done by someone else? Do you have any truthful, factual research you can call your own?

Now you are free to oppose me on this forum if you wish, but I warn you your bigotry, insults and constant arguing the what each and every word means will not be tolerated. You will post facts and move on.

Our first discussion will be slavery was not the cause of the war. Do you have the backbone to show up?


28 thoughts on “Should We Ignore the Flaggers? NO!!!!!!

  1. Charlottesville is about to really ignore you clowns. Even when you childishly put up a spite rag on a pole behind some Hardee’s.

  2. There are other people In the world who recognize you for the peckerwood you are. Not just Corey Meyer.
    Your cup of iniquity is full.

    • Well I had rather be a peckerwood than the pecker.

      Why hide your true identity, haven’t got the backbone to use your real name? Just a natural born coward?? Madison LOL LOL LOL LOL

      And you are done.

  3. Actually before we start this discussion you explain you comment above in the post where you make the claim that the flaggers and confederate heritage supports are the only ones who will post “true history”. What does that mean exactly?

    • I have caught you, Mackey, Baker, Dick, Simpson and the rest of the that fact twisting gang in so many lies it is unreal. If you want to post here you are not gonna play with words nor argue for the sake of arguing. You will post facts and facts only. I don’t care about your opinions. I will respect your facts as you will respect mine. I am letting you post because I am adman nice guy. One small step to either side of the historical path and your butt is gone. Clear???

    • First off I am not posting a Casey…

      Second, just because you banned me once does not mean that what I stated was twisted or wrong. Just so we are clear on both of these things.

      • I never said you were posting as Casey. I really don’t care, since posts like this just serve to prove our points. It is a reflection on your side not mine.

        You were argumentative and insulting. I gave you fair warning then just as I am doing now.

      • I am not being argumentative or insulting…I am just trying to make my self clear. Have you read my post from Secession Commissioner Henry Benning of Georgia to the Va. Convention? I a curious to your thoughts on that primary document.

      • Right now you are being argumentative. You were insulting I offered you a chance to apologize you did and came right back with the same crap again and you are doing it now. Move on while you have the chance.

  4. You are a mental case aren’t you George…you cannot help hating being wrong yet you are always that way when it comes to debating those who have degrees in history.

    • Sure I am a mental case we all are. Your degree and you bigoted agenda have been proven again. Prove me wrong I would accept that fact, you have failed —AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

      And you are done here.

      • I bet you read this last comment aloud after you typed it, standing up at your desk with your pants down and shaking your fists like Skeletor (!!!!!!!!).

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