Confederate Cards

Rob Bakers argument is the job some of these negroes performed kept them from being a soldier. Let’s look at a couple of cards of white soldiers. Note the jobs they did.

Page 5

Page 6

I have viewed cards in my research of Mississippi’s “High Pressure Brigade” of whites who served in jobs as required. These jobs may be cook, teamster, nurse, as noted above blacksmith. Regardless if a Negro, slave or free, if he did the job, he deserves the title of soldier as defined


19 thoughts on “Confederate Cards

  1. WHY, do you let him lead you along, don’t you see what they are doing, come on, we Southerners are smarter than these Yankee traitors from Georgia, so cut him off.
    This is like, ” My daddy can whip your daddy, yah, yah ya yah ya ” , we are adults, screw this jerk and do the business of telling the story of the South and what the Yankee barbarians did to our vpeople and why they did it, this is what they hate the most, so use your time to do that please. Just my advice as a friend.

    • Because I know what his responses are before he replies. I think this is fun and I can provide information to those people who have an open mind about various aspects of the WBRS. What do you care? Why do always resort to some off color language. Do you have any facts? If so you are welcome to post them.

    • Poor Jerry. Still whining because no one takes you seriously. Waah, the Yankees beat my daddy up….wah, wah, wah. Quit worshipping your slave owning ancestors and get into the 21st century. The Civil War ended in 1865 and the slave owners that started LOST. Get over it.

      • I will take care of Jerry. It is none of your business. Keep you mouth shut.

        See you are a liar right here in your insulting reply. The slave owners did not start the war. I have provided document proof in my previous posts. Where was your bigoted ass when those facts were hitting the table?

    • Gee Robby Barkar maybe you can make another post to your blog and get your boys to prop you up. Can’t come here with facts or historical documents and prove your point? Opinions are all you have. Better call in more help. get Dick to insulting more, that may help.

      I gave you every chance. Like I said you are insignificant. Your opinions mean nothing. You provided Carey pension records proving he was subject to the orders of the Confederate military. Thanks. That is all I need from you.

      • No Robby, you provided documents that state he was subject to military orders. You verified the hospital records. Thanks. Good job You also provided a unit although Mississippi units didn’t go up that high. Glad to have you on my team.

      • Sure you did. The documents are most valuable. Oh by the way I did pick this man for a reason. I let you shoot holes in your own statements. The onlyprops you can get are the usual bigoted people who attack the Confederacy. That should tell you something right there.

      • Sure Robby keep spreading those lies. One day one of your students will find Cold Southern Steel and then the truth will be out.

        Nice try it was fun. Unless you can find more facts I guess we are done.

      • Hahahahahhaha! More ignorance from George! You got your ass handed to you because you lied, George. Now all you are doing is lying some more. How fuckign dumb are you? Dumb enough to keep on saying the same thing over and over again after being proven wrong on multiple occasions.

        You are not a historian. You are dumb. You are a liar.

      • LOL LOL Still you still haven’t proved I lied. Now laugh about this punk., unless you post some facts proving I lied or other facts related to the WBTS you are done here. I have suffered with your ignorance all I intend to. Come on Mr. Chump Historian, prove me wrong, bring some facts. or crawl your lying ignorant ass back into your sewer of bigotry.

        Maybe you should send some students here they could represent your side better than you. Not a coward are you???


  2. Did anyone notice that all the biased posters on this page completely ignored these cards of white men? In their haste to prove a point they never realized what I had posted. Typical. Now if these men were soldiers and came under the command of the Confederate Military, then so did a slave. I have proved as much.

    Oh and Rob, I don’t think much of your new post. It is nothing more than your biased opinion seconded by people who share the same biased view. It deserves no more comment.

  3. Once again Georgie boy lies to everyone including himself. You know, no matter how hard you try to twist the facts, the results come up the same. Blacks were not soldiers in the Confederacy. The Confederacy would not allow them to serve. The evidence is overwhelming. Yet, all you do is whine and lie about it.

    Meanwhile, I’m teaching students and you can’t. You have to have a degree in history to teach history and you will never have one.

    Now, don’t forget to reattach your ass before you sit down. It’s that hump looking thing on the platter engraves with “George Purvis’s Ass.”

    • What did I lie about puke face? Point it out. Are you sure Negroes were not soldiers. I posted This—


      6. In the fullest sense, any man in the military service who receives pay, whether sworn in or not, is a soldier, because he is subject to military law. Under this general head, laborers, teamsters, sutlers, chaplains, &c. are soldiers. In a more limited sense, a private soldier is a man enlisted in the military service to serve in the cavalry, artillery, or infantry. He is said to be enlisted when he has been examined, his duties of obedience explained to him, and after he has taken the prescribed oath.

      General August Kautz’s, USA,”Customs of Service, for Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers” (1864), page. 11

      which gives the criteria for being a soldier. These people came under the command of military authority, war department etc. I would imagine that the slaves, laborers etc. for the Confederacy came under the same type of authority in the Confederate military. It may have taken the Confederates longer to organize this system, conducting a war and such, but after the governments mirrored each other. which is the same as Carey did. You haven’t proved me wrong with any document. You are the liar. The documents don’t lie.

      You little cheap degree doesn’t mean a thing when you are biased and bigoted in your view of history. Oh by the way what is the name of that community college you are stealing money from —
      Howdumrwe U.???

      I look behind me and all I see is an arrow that says George Purvis’s Jimmy Dick. Nothing with ass on it.

      Do you wannn try some actual facts. Do you know any idiot???

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