Veterans Day 2014

Al Mackey in his rush to insult and run down Confederate veterans shows his ignorance, bigotry and hate in a big way here.

Mackey makes the statement that “Perhaps they’ll try to palm off the lie that confederate veterans are American veterans.” he goes on to post images of acts of congress to prove his point. Someone correct me if I am wrong, I just cannot find the word American in these images. Is it there??? Doesn’t these acts put the Confederate Veteran on the same level as Union Veterans, Mexican War and other wars. I think so.

So Mackey can you look into your bottomless well of ignorance and tell us just when the men and women who fought for the Confederate States of America stop being American? I know some citizens of foreign nations fought for the Confederacy, and I would agree these are not Americans. The same for all the German mercenaries who fought for the Union, they would not be Americans even though they received a pension.

Now I think we should visit Camp Chase Concentration Camp and see what the entrance to the Confederate Cemetery says —-


Now it is also true that some Union and Confederates were veterans of both countries. Jefferson Davis’s service comes to mind.

Mackey, just to set you straight, the Confederate veterans who were citizens of the United States before, during and after the war are Americans. they did not need an act of Congress to make that a true statement.


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