“It’s symbolic annihilation of history, and it’s done for a purpose”

Note the title, I think it really applies to this article Mackey has posted at

Let’s just take one item that Mackey seems to support bu posting it to his blog page.

The South seceded to guarantee the expansion of slavery.

Say what??? Are you serious. The Confederate states left the Union, set their borders so they could expand the institution of slavery??? To where for gosh sakes??? Man how stupid can you get???


2 thoughts on ““It’s symbolic annihilation of history, and it’s done for a purpose”

  1. Before I reply to what “BIG HEAD MACKEY ” says requires a lead in comment, Of all the 2014
    anti-South, slobs who attack, criticize, distort, create fiction, and lie, Al Mackey is the Dumbest, most incompetent of the bunch. This moron went to Va Tech, and was a goof ball in every place he
    has been. The man is delusional, he has such a dislike for the history of the War For Southern Independence, that in order to defend his Yankee heathen namesakes, he lies about the issues, causes and events continuously. If an award for being the biggest (deleted) the year is ever offered by the American Association of Proctoligist, he will win it hands down. Now mind you, they will also consider Brooks Simpson, Kevin Levin, Andy Hall, Rob Baker, Corey Meyer, Pat Young and a few others, but yeah, The Head will win. My guess is, these looser’s who actually think anyone reads their fantasy blogs, myths and lies other than to see the desperation they have in trying to defend their Northern Yankee barbaric, inhumane, rotten, despicable actions against the
    good, peaceful Southern People, is just another of their acts of insanity. WE, MOST ANY PERSON WHO READS AND HAS RESEARCHED AMERICAN HISTORY AS IT SPECIFICALLY
    WE KNOW WHY THE LINCOLN GOVERNMENT STARTED A WAR, WHY THEY KILLED MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN, STOLE, ROBBED, BURNED AND RAPED AS THEY WERE SAVAGES IN EVERY RESPECT. THEY HAVE EARNED NO HONOR, THEY HAVE EARNED DISHONOR, AND SHAME. Today, the Al Mackey Moron, has to live with what he great grand pappys did, and it must be hard to accept, so he/they attack, and it still the truth of the barbarians will not go away.
    Yes Big Head, hear this, if you are a descendant of a Yankee soldier or sailor, you have a family history of shame on your name, and it cannot be washed away.

    • Jerry,

      I usually don’t allow insulting rants like this to be posted. I had rather let you make you points with facts. This time I will do so because of this statement made by Mackey — Over at Crossroads, Brooks has highlighted why many confederate heritage advocates are despicable scum.

      and also because of all the hate displayed at Simpsons blog at http://cwcrossroads.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/a-reminder-on-111114/

      Reply to the Buck Buchanan comment. ” As a retired United States Army Infantry Officer I’d say its about time to get get a few brigades of US Regulars together and head South the finish off these traitors once and for all.”

      Hey Bucky why don’t YOU come on down and get started by yourself??? Are you as brave as you are ignorant?? I live in Gulfport, Miss. That would be a good place to start.

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