Black Confederate Found

or the bigotry, hate and ignorance of Rob Baker on display

I guess Baker thinks he is a real comedian poking fun at the Negro men and women who served the Confederacy. Typical of Baker, he passed up a perfect opportunity for his students and himself to learn something about these overlooked folks who served the their country. The fact they may have been owned, regardless of the position they held, or where or when they served has no bearing on the issue. The bullets were real, the diseases where real and death was just as real to them as any man of any race who served either side.

Baker prove me wrong.

A person who has any interest in learning about the service of these people can go to “Negroes In Gray” at

to view some 10,000 entries.

Note the card below for a Negro soldier. Note all the information listed, then convince me he was NOT a soldier.

Page 1


6 thoughts on “Black Confederate Found

  1. You are so correct, Rob Baker is one of those boys who has no real life, and he wants to be somebody, so he argues, criticizes, slanders and shows his shallow knowledge of the facts concerning the War for Southern Independence. He knows what the Yankee Come late-lies have written, the myth’s and the lies, and he has enlisted in their ARMY OF LIARS. As one of the political correct, anti South, he is made to feel ashamed. He has bought all the Southern slave stories and lies, he has ignored the facts that the North treated the South unfairly for many years, over taxed, tariffs that reached more than 40%, all prior to the barbaric invasion. Then the invasion, the arson of Southern civilian homes, the looting of Southern civilian personal property, the shortages of food, the rapes and the killing of Southern non combatants, and more than 600,000 men, some women, some children died on both sides as a result of what the Federal government did under Lincolns orders.

    Yes, Baker along with the other two faced low lifes, Simpson, Meyer, Levin, Hall, Dick, Mackey, Young, and all liberal Yankees everywhere, and all homosexuals who back these boys and hold them in high regard, so of course Baker band Levin, and all the other Morons in that circle jerk are non believers in the fact that blacks did serve voluntarily in the Confederate Army and Navy.
    HOW MANY, don’t know, and neither do you or anyone alive, but some did, and that is all that needs to be said, some blacks, some free blacks, some slaves, served, in the service of the Confederate States of America. YANKEES, TRY TO LET THIS SINK IN.

    • I can’t argue with you assessment of these people. While the facts are placed in front of them thaye insist on making themselves stupid by “yes buttin” or insulting their way through a debate.

  2. Rob with that one card I shot every argument you can come up with out of the water. The lack of information, and the fact he is a slave is one of the reasons I picked that man. You cannot argue he was not a soldier, you cannot argue anything about him. if he wasn’t a soldier, so what? This man still still served the Confederacy and that is what really gripes your butt. It is true, the only thing I have is a card, that proves my point, all you have is squat in your hand.

  3. Baker, let this sink in to that bigoted head of yours. That one card is typical of many Confederates both black and white. You are posting an opinion only.Unless you can provide some documentation that this did not serve the Confederacy he can be many things associated with the Confederacy
    Here lets do this because your butt is to stupid to have a factual discussion, DON”T BOTHER COMMENTING AGAIN I will just simply trash your comments.

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