The Fleet for Charleston

Research donated by another person


The armament of each ship comes from the Naval Historical Center. I’ve posted list of the fleet and troops embarked from newspaper articles from the New York Times. The New York Herald had this…

The following list embraces the names, with armaments and troops, of the fleet dispatched from New York and Washington to Charleston harbor, for the relief of Fort Sumter:-

Vessels of War Steam sloop-of-war Pawnee, Captain S. C. Rowan, 10 guns and 200 men. The Pawnee sailed from Washington, with sealed orders, on the morning of Saturday, April 6.

Steam sloop-of-war Powhatan, Captain E. D. Porter, 11 guns and 275 men. The Powhatan sailed from the Brookyln Navy Yard on Saturday afternoon April 6.

Revenue cutter Harriet Lane, Captain J. Faunce, 5 guns and 96 men. On Saturday, April 6, the Harriet Lane exchanged her revenue flag for the United States navy flag, denoting her transfer to the Government naval service, and sailed suddenly on last Monday morning, with sealed orders.

The Steam Transports Atlantic, 358 troops, composed of Companies A and M of the Second artillery, Companies C and H of the Second infantry, and Company A of sappers and miners from West Point. The Atlantic sailed from the steam at 5 o’clock on Sunday morning last, April 7. Baltic, 160 troops, composed of Companies C and D, recruits, from Governor’s and Bedloe’s islands.

The Baltic sailed from Quarantine at 7o’clock on Tuesday morning last, April 9. Illinois, 300 troops, composed of Companies B, E, F, G and H, and a detachment from Company D, all recruits from Governor’s and Bedloe’s Islands, together with two companies of the Second infantry, from Fort Hamilton.

The Illinois sailed from Quarantine on Tuesday morning at 6 o’clock. The Steamtugs Two steamtugs, with a Government official on each, bearing sealed dispatches, were also sent.

The Yankee left New York on Monday evening, 8th, and the Uncle Ben on Tuesday night. The Launches Nearly thirty of these boats-whose services are most useful in effecting a landing of troops over shoal water, and for attacking a discharging battery when covered with sand and gunny bags- have been taken out by the Powhatan and by the steam transports Atlantic, Baltic and Illinois.

Vessels Guns Men Sloop-of-war Pawnee 10 200 Sloop-of-war Powhatan 11 275 Cutter Harriet Lane 5 96 Steam Transport Atlantic 353 Steam Transport Baltic 160 Steam Transport Illinois 300 Steamtug Yankee Ordinary Crew Steamtug Uncle Ben Ordinary Crew Total number of vessels 8 Total number of guns (for marine service) 26 Total number of men and troops 1,380 It is understood that several transports are soon to be chartered, and dispatched to Charleston with troops and supplies. Also, I just found a blurb from a Hartford Connecticut newspaper from early April 1861 that states “Davis telegraphed to Charleston not to fire on any vessels entering the harbor merely for supplying Fort Sumter with provisions”, I need to find the whole paper.


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