One Problem With Neoconfederates

According to Al Mackey at his blog post those of us he terms as Neo-Confederates has one problem. Well if that is the case I just can’t think of any except we may be to honest. Is that really a problem?

At any rate Mackey is going on, posting his ignorance for public display chanting Grant freed his only slave he did not on any, it was his wife through inheritance. That so Mackey??/ Boy are you dumb.

I will not address grant and his slaves again since I have already did that one time, the same as i did with Robert E. lee. I will just make this short and sweet. If Lee owned slaves at Arlington, through inheritance, then so did Grant. Nothing left to say about that issue.


8 thoughts on “One Problem With Neoconfederates

  1. Given Grant’s inherently cruel nature, it is very improbable that he released his slave out of humane considerations. There is certainly no proof of it. It is far more likely that William Jones (his slave), was ill and needed medical care which Grant could not afford, or simply would not provide. There is no evidence whatsoever that Grant could have sold him for $1,000.00.

    • If you could please explain what you mean by “Grant’s inherently cruel nature.” What examples do you think prove that? Also, you say it is more likely that Grant freed his slave when the latter got sick… do you have proof?

      • Insofar as his cruel nature is concerned, let’s start small (relatively speaking). Don’t you agree that someone who deliberately dehumanizes and degrades other human beings is cruel? And when Grant, in his position of high authority, degrades and dehumanizes the entire population of African-Americans by referring to them as “niggers”, don’t you agree that that is cruel? And by allowing his subordinates, like William Sherman, to also degrade and dehumanize the entire population of African-Americans, by likewise calling them”niggers”, don’t you agree that that is cruel?

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