Jefferson Davis 1860 Census

No slave info. I can only assume that Davis like Grant did not free all of his slaves until the war ended. Can anyone add to this?? —-

Davis 3


4 thoughts on “Jefferson Davis 1860 Census

  1. “Can anyone add to this??””

    I can attempt to. When it came to slave states during census records, there are multiple kinds of documents. The document you have posted is taking note of all the ‘free’ inhabitants of a certain county of Mississippi. That’s why Davis and his immediate family are listed, but no slaves. For slaves and information pertaining to Davis, you’re going to want to look for what’s called a ‘Slave Schedule.’ This lists all of the slaves a certain owner has at the time of the census; it does not list the slaves’ names, only their age and sex. This goes for the 1850 census you posted also.

    • Thanks for the reply. I did try and find the “Slave Schedule” for Davis through the years, but was not sucessful on Ancestry. If you could locate them and the records U S. Grant, I would appreciate it.

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