They Fought to preserve the Institution——

They Fought for the Institution—— . How many times have you heard that statement from neo-yankees? Doesn’t it seem like it is the basic argument for the other side anytime a War for Southern Independence doesn’t go the way they expect it to go??? How many times have these neo-yankees produced any actual documentation to prove that point? At this point in time I have not had one actual document from any Confederate leader that proves this was the cause in which they were fighting.

Let’s take a quick review, quick being I am going to only post the names of the documents. For your reading pleasure, they can be found online by doing a google search. Let’s see I have been presented the Declarations of Immediate Causes, The Cornerstone Speech by Rob Baker, Brooks Simpson has given me a letter by John S. Moseby, but he fails to tell me just what policy duties Moseby was responsible for making. Jimmy Dick has only made insults, Andy Hall I don’t recall him weighing in. The latest to make its rounds through the hatedome is a letter from Gen. R.E. Lee to james A. Seddon, the Confederate Sec. Of War. Keep in mind Lee freed his slaves Dec. of 1862 (more on this later) —–

In view of the vast increase of the forces of the enemy, of the savage and brutal policy he has proclaimed, which leaves us no alternative but success or degradation worse than death, if we would save the honor of our families from pollution, our social system from destruction, let every effort be made, every means be employed, to fill and maintain the ranks of our armies, until God, in his mercy, shall bless us with the establishment of our independence. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant, R. E. Lee, General.

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This is supposed to be proof positive that Lee and all other Confederates were fighting for the institution. My question is why would they fight for an institution that was being offered to them without fighting????

Let’s review some of the documents that support my statement.First before the war even started,

President Abraham Lincoln First Inaugural Address Monday, March 4, 1861 —- I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.

Next we have the passage of The 13th amendment by Congress:

“No Amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any state, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.” –Joint Resolution of Congress, Adopted March 2, 1861
Be sure to read the full article on this one!!!!!!!!
Any state, that had seceded could have returned to the Union and slavery would have been protected.

Last but not least we have the Emancipation Proclamation issued January, 1863 which made several exceptions where slaves were not free. Lee could have simply moved his slaves to West Virginia and kept them as property. Lee or any Confederate could have also just quit the Confederate Army and declared his loyalty to the Union or he could have taken command of the Union army at the beginning of the war and kept his slaves until the war ended.

So now folks why in the world would any Confederate fight to preserve the institution of slavery when protection was being offered by the United States? The only answer is they were not.


13 thoughts on “They Fought to preserve the Institution——

  1. “What was the reason that induced Georgia to take the step of secession? This reason may be summed up in one single proposition. It was a conviction, a deep conviction on the part of Georgia, that a separation from the North-was the only thing that could prevent the abolition of her slavery. This conviction, sir, was the main cause. It is true, sir, that the effect of this conviction was strengthened by a further conviction that such a separation would be the best remedy for the fugitive slave evil, and also the best, if not the only remedy, for the territorial evil. But, doubtless, if it had not been for the first conviction this step would never have been taken. It therefore becomes important to inquire whether this conviction was well founded.”

    • That is better and for that I will answer you civily.

      Secession and the war are two different events. Nowhere in the secession documents did the newly formed Confederacy mention going to war.

      Another point to Consider, if the Confederacy had left the United States and a war was never fought, slavery would still be an issue in the “Union.”

      Now I refer to my orginial document as posted, The 13th or “Ghost Admendment ”

      “No Amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any state, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.” –Joint Resolution of Congress, Adopted March 2, 1861

      • Ah the Corwin Amendment. The south didn’t like it because it didn’t protect the south moving its slavery into the territories. Once the south was out it felt it had a better chance to protect its slavery out of the Union than in.

      • By secession the ‘South” or the seceeded states, had already given up any hopes of expanding slavery. The act as passed would have given the “South” Constitution protection for any slaves they owned. The Confederate States rejected this plan because the simple fact is slavery just was not the issue.

        The EP would have done the same thing or at least in the case of West Virginia paved the way for a gradual emancipation.

        Corey you are arguing against a historical document, no ammount of commentary you bring forward is going to trump these documents.

  2. “The South” did not secede. It was the respective states, each fully independent of the other, that seceded. And the seceded States, or later the CSA, fought to preserve their political independence. Slavery had nothing to do with. You ass-clown.

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