Neo-yankees and Nazi’s

It never ceases to amaze me sooner or later that in a discussion about the War For Southern Independence someone will bring up a comparison about the something Confederate and the political Nazi party. Those that make such comparisons are totally ignorant in the history department. Those who claim to be of Southern Heritage and make such comparisons are not only ignorant of the history of the Confederacy but are also the lowest sort scum that crawls the earth.

Such a person, Forester, can be found making a Nazi comparison and other ignorant statements at Connie Chastain’s blog post at This discussion is about Negroes who served the Confederacy. Forester admits he has not done any real research on the subject but one known bigoted blogger, Kevin Levin, helped him make sense of blacks serving the Confederacy. It can be seen that Forester is grabbing at smoke in his attempt to prove that Negroes did not serve the Confederacy in any capacity but as a slave. He even goes so far as to use his uncles WWII status as a POW to try and prove his point. He fails miserably to make the connection between a WWII POW working for the Germans and a Negros slave say serving in Forrest’s escort or hauling food, ammunition and supplies for the Confederate army. He doesn’t recognize them as anything else, even though I remind you he states he has never done any research on the subject.

As I pointed out to Forester Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education (SHAPE) website Negroes In Gray at we have some 10,000 listing of Negroes who served the Confederacy, some free some slave. Feel free to prove they did not serve.

Neither Levin nor Forester has earned the right to judge the service of the men and women. Judging these Negroes service is why Forester makes his Nazi comments and since Forester opened that can of worms let just makes a historical comparison between the United States and Nazi Germany.

1. Hitler like Lincoln started their respective war by invading peaceful countries.

2. Hitler and Lincoln both arrested political enemies and newspapers editors who disagreed with them.

3. The invasion, murder, rape pillage and burning of civilians and their property by Union soldiers is the same as what Hitler’s army did. The scorched earth policy of Sherman and his views toward blacks are more in tune with Nazi Germany.

4. The attacks on the Native Americans at Sand creek , killing unarmed men women and children by the Union army is the same thing Hitler’s army did.

5. The removal of the women at Roswell Georgia is the same type of thing the Nazi army did with the Jews.

6. Abe Lincoln’s quotes regarding blacks is more in (goose) step with Nazi Germany than that of Davis, Lee, Jackson, Stephens or other southern major players.

7. The racist attitude of the US Army toward blacks until about 1955 when the US military was integrated is more like Nazi Germany. The USCT were not considered to be on the same level as the white US forces. They were paid less.

8. The Black slaves and soldiers of the Confederacy were paid equal to that of the white CSA soldiers and were even allowed to draw pensions!!!!

9. Much like the German soldiers executing American POWs the Union executed surrendering Confederates at Marianna, Florida.

10. The Germans and The Yankees persecuted the Jews; see Grant’s order to remove Jews from Tennessee.

11. Lincoln’s policies and ideas of a strong central government (dictator communism socialism) were admired by Lenin, Stalin and Hitler. The Confederacy was exactly what none of them wanted.

12 The Yankee POW camps were more or less the same as Nazi concentration death camps. The POWs were starved, abused and tortured beyond belief even while medical supplies and clothing was at hand.

13. It was the Union army who employed Germans within their ranks. This is proven by the German pension information I have already posted. Sorta makes me wonder how many descendants of these German soldiers would later fight against the US or imprison a Jew???

14. Like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s, for the Yankee sympathizers there is still a hate today for their fellow countryman, even though they are of the same race, state or country. Most Nazi sympathizers have gone quite while most Yankee sympathizers continue to spew their vomit of hate, bigotry and biased ignorance toward anyone who knows more about the War for Southern Independence. They do this while hiding behind a wall of religion or grasping for some other moral high ground. Shame they have no clue the high ground is located in the truth.

15. The imprisonment of Japanese Americans was the same as Hitler did to the Jewish Germans

16. At Waco the The United States had no problem in killing women and children, much like Hitler’s Gestapo.

15. Last but not least, I am not saying there is a family connection, I know this is not the most numerous surname on the planet, but —-

Adam Hitler (First_Last)
Regiment Name 16 Massachusetts Infantry
Side Union
Company E
Soldier’s Rank_In Prv.
Soldier’s Rank_Out Prv.
Alternate Name
Film Number M544 roll 19

Christ Hitler (First_Last)
Regiment Name 1 U.S. Res. Corps Mo. Inf.
Side Union
Company G,K
Soldier’s Rank_In Pvt.
Soldier’s Rank_Out Pvt.
Alternate Name Christian/Hittler
Film Number M390 roll 22

If you disagree with me post your facts I just do not care about your opinions.

As my friend from Backsass says –Commenting policy: I will let through what I want to, and block what I want to based on whatever criteria or standards or whim I choose.


95 thoughts on “Neo-yankees and Nazi’s

  1. ….so you want us to post fact not opinion, but your entire post is opinion without any documentation or citation outside of the film roll to make your silly name association. Wow.

      • Burden of Proof George.

        When one makes an argument without posting facts, then requests others to post facts proving him wrong, it is the logical fallacy known as “onus probandi.” You are making an “argument from ignorance” when you assume things to be true and request others to prove you wrong.

  2. Excellent post George. The parallels between the ruthless and murderous tactics employed the Nazis during their invasion of the Soviet Union (Barbarossa), and the tactics of Sherman during his March to the Sea are especially relevant. Quite seriously, Sherman would have made an excellent Nazi.

  3. Cold Steel’s Point 1. Lincoln stated in his Speech,”The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the government, and to collect the duties and imposts (import taxes); but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere.” Lincoln did not call it invasion simply tax collection.

    Cold Steel’s Point 2.- An event such as this happened in the first months of the Lincoln administration when Abraham Lincoln issued an arrest warrant for Chief Justice Roger B. Taney after the 84-year-old judge issued an opinion that only Congress, not the president, can suspend the writ of habeas corpus. Lincoln had declared the writ null and void and ordered the military to begin imprisoning thousands of political dissenters. Taney’s opinion, issued as part of his duties as a circuit court judge in Maryland, had to do with the case of Ex Parte Merryman (May 1861). The essence of his opinion was not that habeas corpus could not be suspended, only that the Constitution requires Congress to do it, not the president. In other words, if it was truly in “the public interest” to suspend the writ, the representatives of the people should have no problem doing so and, in fact, it is their constitutional prerogative.

    Cold Steel’s Point 3.In Georgia Alone – Cassville, Etowah,, Rome, Fairmount, Atlanta, Clinton, Randolph,

    Cold Steel’s Point 4 –

    Cold Steel’s Point 5 – Confederate Veteran Magazine 1893 Page 397 Why General Shermans Name is Detested by Colonel W.D. Pickett Lexington Kentucky

    Cold Steel’s Point -6 – Page 290 Recollections of Abraham Lincoln
    note 11. Page 235, Line 25, after the word God. John W, Crisfield
    When he was in the White house one day in July 1862, Mr. Lincoln said: ” Well, Crisfield, how are you getting along with your report, have you written it yet?” Mr Crisfield replied that he had not. Mr. Lincoln knowing the Emancipation Proclamation was coming, in fact was only two months away – said, :You better come up with an agreement. Nig@#%$ will never be higher.”
    Recollections of Abraham Lincoln, 1847-1865
    By Ward Hill Lamon

    Well Rob I can continue on but Google works for you too. I do enjoy your blog Cold Steel

      • Not one person makes an argument for me.I presented real proof the war wasn’t over slavery. The fact that you cannot prove otherwise is no fault of mine.

      • You haven’t presented proof at all, nor is this post even about slavery yet you ran to that topic. Honestly, can you not stay on topic on your own posts?

        And yea, that guy did make the arguments for you. They are factually incorrect because they ignore various factors, but at least it is a cited attempt.

      • I do not have to provide proof. Anyone with the sense of a woodpecker knows I am right.

        If you want to prove me wrong do so. Burden iof proof Rob, burden of proof.

      • Perhaps I am confused. I thought you were arguing the historical events i posted to this page were wrong. Sorry. I did not realize you were agreeing with me.

        Try again????

      • See what I mean, Rob? He’s like a little boy with a stick fighting Darth Vader. Imaginary enemy; imaginary “Rebel” victory.

        He just keeps sending my back to his list of slave names that I saw a couple weeks ago. Everyone knows that some slaves received pensions later, AFTER the war.

      • Only after I complained. You should have never allowed these insults in the first place. I will quit insulting you when I feel like i have got even — if ever. 🙂

      • You complained after I established a comment policy George. It would make no sense for you to complain about insults, while being the main one insulting people.

      • No that is wrong, you are not telling the truth. Doesn’t matter you are now in my place, therefore I will insult you at my pleasure. It is called getting even.

      • Forester,

        Put on your big boy pants and prove me wrong. It is that simple.

        Can yu tell me how many Union soldiers received a pension DURING the war????

      • You want a factual argument? Fair enough. I have posted, according to you, nothing but opinions. You cannot prove me wrong. That is a fact.

      • I thought you said we weren’t arguing. make up your mind. On the issue of opinions, if you think I am wrong, bring some proof, it is that simple. Quit being a childish idiot.

        Oh yes and by the way it is only YOUR opinion that what I have posted are not facts. Just to show you how stupid you are, if you could have proved me wrong in your very first response to this page, you would have done so and not wasted your time and mine. You haven’t even made an attempt to prove me wrong, so what is the problem Mr. High School teacher????? LOL LOL LOL

        PS there is an deliberate error made on this page. Find it.

      • Again George, burden of proof. It is your job to present an argument and then argue it with facts, It is not my job to argue against your opinions using facts. Which is why I won’t argue with your undocumented opinions. Bring something worthwhile to the argument, and maybe I’ll engage.

      • Yes prove I said something wrong. seems to me the burden is on you.

        Folks this idiot has a college degree and is a high school teacher in Nowhere, Georgia. The reason he keeps up this childish behavior is to disrupt this blog. In reality he is just making a fool of himself. Let’s see how long he is willing to continue without bringing one fact to the table. It will be interesting.

      • I am waiting on your to actually provide facts that provide sufficient warrant for your position.

        I am a high school teacher in Gwinnett County. It is the largest county in the state in terms of public education. Hardly, “Nowhere” George

      • BTW, thanks for the ad hominem attacks. It is quite a revealing tale of your character and the strength of your arguments.

      • Thanks for your public display of stupidity, ignorance and also providing us entertainment. Without you, and some of your buddies, I could not point out the the ignorance of Neo-yankees. Without you this would be just another boring history board.

        Good try but no cigar. You should know by niow you can’t out “slick’ me.

      • Yep, someone trained. But you keep on dissing out those irrelevant insults if they make you feel better about yourself.

      • Trained???? In what being a crybaby??? Maybe brainwashed???

        The insults are relevant since they apply to you. Look how you have acted. As i said before if you have a problem with what I have posted point it out. Then, and only if I am in the mood I will give you some sources. Just because it is you I wouldn’t count on anything.

        Isn’t this fun??????

      • You should refrain from insulting others’ intelligence when until you can put together a sentence void of grammatical, spelling and typing errors.

        The illogical statement is asking others to prove your wrong without validating your argument.

      • History is my strong suit not typing. I promise i will try do do better, I really do want to lose you as a poster. You bring a ray of sunshine into my readers day!!!!!!!!!

        Then you are arguing for nothing, according to you these items posted are only “opinions” you agree I am entitled to an “opinion’ yet you want me to prove they are correct. If they are correct or not, doesn’t matter, they are my opinions, if you disagree bring something to the table proving my opinions wrong. I never said they were arguments.

        What is the problem not enough knowledge??? Notice you are the only idiot arguing????

      • I am not attempting to prove anything on your page “wrong” until you first make an attempt to prove something right. Again, Burden of Proof George.

      • Let’s see. You said my post was opinions only which you agree I entitled to. Now you want proof of my opinions. They are posted what other prof do yopu need. It comes down to this either you agree or you deon’t. If you agree then what are you arguing aboit. If you dis agree then what is it you disagree with and why?

        It is not likely I am going to let you keep doing this, without an answer. Either bring some facts or you stupid butt is out of here. YOUR CHOICE.


      • Sounds like this is your opinion to me. If you disagree with something I posted post a fact and give a reason way.

        I should ban you for stupidity but you are the best man on our team.

      • You are so stupid you are telling me I cannot have an opinion? If you disagree with something I posted howm about your sorry stupid tail post something that says you disagree?

      • I didn’t say you couldn’t have an opinion. I actually perplexed as to how you can deduce that from the above comment. What I said, is that there is no reason to dispute anything you say if you do not validate it as a legitimate argument using facts. That is the Burden of Proof.

      • So then the question is why are your arguing about an opinion? I , on the other hand say they are fact and you are simply arguing because you cannot prove them wrong.

        Thanks for posting, it was a boring night watching “Razzling” and old CSI’s

      • I’m not arguing the opinion, I’m arguing against the flawed logic of your post. And I won’t argue against your posts until you learn how to adequately prove your case.

      • Then prove my logic is flawed. Sure you are arguing, you just can’t prove i wrong.

        Killed – murdered doesn’t matter he is still dead – deceased. In the words of H. Cliton, “What difference does it make”

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  5. This blog proves nothing. I insisted that I was NOT calling the Confederates “Nazis,” and you wrote a blog about it anyway. Congratulations, George! You won an argument against no one.

    Your webpage listing the “service” of blacks is ludicrous. It’s common knowledge that AFTER the war, slaves and body servants were awarded pensions. That doesn’t mean they were considered soldiers at the time of the war. Women have received pensions also, but they weren’t soldiers. Your site presents nothing more than some selective quotations and a long list of slave names from pension roles. You’ve only proven that slaves received pensions, which no one ever disputed.

    Like a child fighting “Darth Vader” alone in the backyard with a stick, you’re debating enemies that exist ONLY in your imagination. And just like the little boy dueling Vader, you always win. Funny how that works, dude. 😉

    Since you like throwing out challenges, find me just ONE example of a Southerner, during the war, recognizing blacks as official members of the Confederate Army. I’ll wait here. Find one source. A letter, diary, newspaper … anything BEFORE the war ended in 1866. Condition: he cannot be called a slave; they must say “soldier.” No Yankee quotes, no Frederick Douglass, no “Confederate Veteran” clippings from the 1907. Only period Confederate sources, with DOCUMENTATION (show me where you got it and who published it).

    I’ll buy you a beer if you find one.

    I’ll buy you an entire KEG if you can find something about Jackson’s supposed all-black regiment.

    Have fun, man! 😀

    • Yes!!!! I absolutely love it when a spooning neo-yankee goes on a rant and doesn’t have the knowledge to prove me wrong. I suggest you go back to Kevein Levin and cry on his shoulder!!!!!

      The sources are posted for your Nazi comments.

      The webpage of Black Confederates you are refer to is

      I warned Forester to get ready and went on a weeks vacation. I can see he did not do his homework. LOL LOL LOL

      Anyone is welcome to go there and prove any and all of these Negroes did not serve the Confederacy in some capacity.

    • Can’t convince these two idiots when the proof in right in front them.

      I like to string them along, it makes reading boring history facts more enjoyable. Gives me a laugh or two during the day.

      Want to know something really funny???? Forester has a story about a Black Confederate soldier he posted at the same blog page as his Nazi comments. Look it up.

    • LMAO! You post a story, without any names, that you got from blog comments written by a random guy (me) that you don’t know from Adam. This says more about your so-called scholarship than it does about me, my ancestors, or black Confederates. 😀

      • LMAO2!!!! I have all I need to make a post. That is unless you are telling me you and your entire family is a bunch of liars. So what is it??? Your choice

      • They might be lying for all I know. It wouldn’t bother me — they and I are totally different people and their actions don’t affect me.

        The “Uncle Jeff” story has some significant holes in it, as I once mentioned in a comment. Here is something I wrote a few months ago:

        “Furthermore, I wonder whether Samuel or Jeff ever fought at all. From the scant records available online, it seems that Samuel enlisted on May 19, 1861 and resigned on September 25, 1862 — a whole year before his unit saw any major battles. There may have been small skirmishes involving the 55th NC during 1861-62, but I haven’t discovered them yet. It seems that their “war” experience may amount to nothing more than a year-long camping trip. I rather hope this isn’t true, because I would hate for Uncle Jeff (or my white ancestors) to be lying about his actions in battle.” (CWMemory comment, May 2013)

        I have the sneaking suspicion that old Jeff was simply giving the white folks the story they wanted to hear.

      • “I have the sneaking suspicion that old Jeff was simply giving the white folks the story they wanted to hear.”

        Could be — maybe not. It appears that you are. You went to Backsass and made a good case that Jeff may have served and was never called a Confederate soldier. Really doesn’t matter what you say, you are either lying to impress the likes of Kevin Levin and his cronies or you are telling the truth and just hate to admit you are wrong. You decide and I can post it to Negroes In Gray.

        Oh yes I was wrong abutthe number of entries at 10,000, it is actually 11,000

  6. George, you are being very generous towards Baker. There is no way, no way, he would allow you to criticize him on his blog the way he criticizes you here.

    • Yes I know he banned me from his blog. When he can come here and act like an adult, leave his childish comments at home and post something factual I might stop insulting him.

  7. Nicely done George. You have utterly destroyed, with simple facts and logical arguments, the lies, distortions, and falsehoods of both Mackey and Baker. I wish Hall and Levin would show up too😊

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