This is a surprise

“Then Sir, we will give them the bayonet”

Al Mackey has screamed and insulted through many blog comments that do not agree with his “it was all about slavery” agenda when speaking of the War For Southern Independence. he has posted the Declarations of Secession as concrete proof of his claim. Yet as it is easy to see these documents are not declarations of war and are only grievances that the Southern states had with the United States government.

I am sure he has not changed his stripes at this point, and more than likely never will. Keeping that fact in mind, I wonder if he realizes he posted this statement: This is Gary Gallagher speaking on remembering the Civil War, and specifically on the fact that the majority of Union soldiers were motivated by the desire to preserve the Union, something in the modern-day we’ve seemed to have forgotten. This statement can be found at

I’ll admit I have no clue who Gary Gallagher may be, but apparently it is someone Mackey looks up to and admires as being knowledge about the War For Southern Independence. I may not never again agree with Gallagher or Mackey, but this is one time I am solidly in their corner.

Before all of the crawfishing and counter arguments on this statement begin, let me ask you this one question if the Yankees were not fighting to free the slaves, then why on earth would the Confederates fight for something they were in no danger of losing???

As always anyone who thinks they have absolute proof that the South was fighting for the institution of slavery, you are free to post your sources.


2 thoughts on “This is a surprise

  1. Gary Gallagher is a professor of history.. You ask a good question. Especially since most Southerners did not own slaves. You can hear some wild theories out there.

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