From The Holler — again.

Then Sir we will give them the bayonet.

Rob Baker on “From the Holler” at is whining about how busy he is, in a  crunch to get grades done, the EOTC, and how his posts are few and far between. Baker this is just not true. You seem to have plenty of time to run around the internet looking up blogs I might have visited and posts I made. You seem to have time to visit Levins blog and read those pages.You seem to have the time to respond on a daily basis to me at my page  Do you do this on the taxpayer’s dime????? Maybe if you would just  knuckle down and take care of the kids grades then you wouldn’t be in a bind. After all that is what you are paid to do.

Thank you for the Big Momma video. If you think that is supposed to make me mad or get you off the hook for your ignorance of music or your support of the fifth in rap you are wrong. At any rate black and white music does blend together over the history of music. Do you have a problem with that?

Do you know who these fellows are?

Jerry leiber and Mike Stroller

Jerry leiber and Mike Stroller


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