From the Holler???

“Then Sir we will give them the bayonet”

From The Holler —-

As Rob Baker says “holler’ is a low place between two hills or mountains depending on where you live. It is a corruption of the word hollow, no real substance there, like Baker’s head. This is also the new name for his hate filled comments not worthy of a full-page.  I shall call mine what ever I want!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

 At any rate it seems that Baker is gloating about the Confederate Battle Flag coming under fire at Washington and Lee University. Figures that a bigot would love such a controversy.

I also am beginning to think Baker is so ashamed of being white, that he would readily change skin colors if he could. Just take for example over on the Cold Southern steel page at Baker defends fifthly rap music and tells us fifthly language is to be found in Dixie. Of course he has to leave in a huff after proclaiming that Dixie (performed by a Yankee minstrel group) makes fun of blacks. Of he never shows us the filthy language.

Now Baker with his “from the Holler” shorts has posted a video of the Rolling Stones performing “Paint it Black.”  Baker I hate to be the one to tell you but this song has nothing to do with race. Do you wat to challenge me on that???

No I am not going to tell you what it is about, read the lyrics and do some research on Jagger, maybe you will get a clue. Jagger may even convince you to try a little “Brown Sugar” if you are not too prejudiced!!!!!



38 thoughts on “From the Holler???

  1. I would like to make one correction, I am not gloating about anything at W&L. My comments on each of Kevin Levin’s posts speak for themselves. In short, I am in favor of their continued existence there.

    I also never said Paint it Black dealt with racial issues. Perhaps you should refrain from making inferences until you know what you are talking about.

    • I do not read Levin’s blog, I have no idea what you may have posted there. I DO know from our past history you do appear to hate everything Confederate so I see the removal of the CBF at Washington and Lee University just one more thing you would support.

      I do belive I know what I am talking about it is right there on your page. So my question is — then why put of the video if not for a racial purpose??? ‘splain that. When you finish you can go to Backsass and make your excuses

      • Then how can you make an accurate assessment of Kevin’s blog and my beliefs if you do not read it, which is important in this instance since I refer directly to him. Also, I’ve seen you comment on his blog. Do you just comment without reading?

        The video is there for its Rock ‘n’ Roll purposes. I’ve got a post coming town the pipe dealing with that issue.

      • I didn’t make any comment at all about Levins blog. My comment was directed at your “From The Holler” comments and I say that. If I did so what? I can base any assumprion on the fact that you and Levin make a habit of attacking anything Confederate on your blogs. That is a proven fact.

        You don’t say that on “From The Holler”– why???? This leads me to believe you are not being truthful. Of course now I expect a post about R&R just so you can cover your butt.

      • I made no comment about Levin’s blog and I made no comment about it either. Post the exact passage in which I said something about any blog other than “From The Holler”

        Show me how smart you really are.

      • You are like a chicken scratching in the dirt looking fior a worm!!!! LOL LOL LOL

        Now my question to you — or you really that stupid or is this an act???

        1. I have never said I didn’t post to Kevin’s blog. I said I don’t read it and I don’t. My last piost there was at least month ago. Check that out.

        2. I didn’t mention Levin’s blog at on on my page. Find a reference to his blog and post it.

        3. Look at the top of Levin’s page and you will see this— September 17, 2008

        No need for me to say what i think about your IQ, you have just put it on public display!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

      • 1. If you never read what is on his blog, then how do you comment and/or comment on his comments?

        2. If you never read Kevin’s blog, then how do you know what the post is about when you comment about the subject matter in that blog?

        3. You’ve made references to Kevin on your blog and others. Just like you’ve made references to other blogs(GP) such as this

        4. My lunch break is over, have a Dixie Day

      • This is just too easy–

        1. I never said never — find it.

        2. Notifications from you, Mackey or Simpson. On a daily basis, I do not read it.

        3. The link leads to Mackey’s blog. So????

        4. Keep trying I did post to Levin’s blog in the last couple of months. I cannot tell you the subject or the name of the thread, but if you keep scfratching youwill find it. You are doing a good job, don’t let anyone kid you.

        Regardless of what I do it is more important what you do. For instance wanting to use “Paint it Black” a a race reference or claiming the song Dixie had fifthy language.

        Thought you could change the direction of the discussion did you???

      • 1. Fine George, you said “I don’t read it (Kevin’s Blog). So the question stands, how do you go about commenting on his blog in context of the post. Meaning that you argue against points he makes in his posts, or comments on certain posts. How do you do that, if you “don’t” read his blog? You actually wrote a post addressing a question he raised on his blog, and then tagged your own comment (that your wrote on his blog) in your post.

        2. Same question stands. How do you not read those blogs? You comment on those posts in context. In Mackey’s case, you actually replied to a post with a post of your own.

        3. You said, “Post the exact passage in which I said something about any blog other than ‘From The Holler'”. So I did. You referred to Mackey’s blog and you’ve posted about his blog plus numerous others. Here is a short list of the posts in which you refer to another blog.

        “Who Owned Fort Sumter”
        “Maybe Brooks Simpson has a Reading Problem”
        “Some Thoughts On Why attendence is Down at Beauvoir” (You tagged Kevin Levin’s blog in the post)
        “Judge Napolitano Stirring up Neo-Yankees”
        “Some Facts about Andersonville”
        “In Response to Al Mackey’s Comment”

        The list goes on.

        4. It’s odd that you could not tell me the name of the subject or thread on Kevin’s blog you commented on. Especially since you titled your post about the same issue, using basically the same title. THEN, you tagged your comment on his blog. I mean really?

        5. I never said “Paint it Black” was a race reference. You keep assuming that.

        6. I didn’t change the direction of the post. You did in your first comment. You changed the direction of your own post.

      • Again. All of my post link to either Simpson’s, Mackey’s or your blogs. Follow any link and you will see. If you can’t figure that out then I am sure those who read these pages can. You are wrong and you are beating a dead horse.

        Strange that you would post “Paint it Black”when it has nothing to do with your history blog.I still say you are not telling the truth. Same as with “Boys In the Band” and Dixie, I think you were trying to make something out of these songs that do not exist.

        In fact I think you are ashamed to be white.

        PS. I just click the “most used tags” button and let the blog do it’s thing. You have been on WordPress longer than I have surely you have figured this out by now.

      • George, you specifically said, find where you reference another blog other than “From the Holler.” I have done this several times over. You are either too ignorant to read what you yourself wrote, or you are lying to yourself.

        I pick all manner of Rock ‘n’ Roll. I don’t really care what you “say.” I don’t recall posting anything called “Boys in the Band.”

        I don’t really care what you think, but why does that matter?

        That’s not a wise thing to do, you post will end up getting tagged to something that it is not about.

      • No I didn’t say I haven’t referenced any blog but “From The Holler. On this specfic page it is the only blog page I referenced. Find the passage, or be proven to be a liar.

        If you pick all sorts of R&R then you have just started, so on the face that is a lie. We do know that yoou support rap and all the foul language and fifth that comes with it!!!!!!!!

        I am not ignorant, in fact I am samrter than you. I have had you running all over the web trying to prove that on a regular basis I read Levins blog. You are more ignorant that a sack of rocks.

        You made the post and took it down. You know exactly what I am talking about.

        I don’t care what you think either. How does that grab you??? You are nothing.

        It is my blog I will do what I want. If you and you boys don’t like — tough!!!!!!!

      • You didn’t say “this page” or “this post.” You said to find any passage in which you reference another blog. Perhaps you should be more thorough in what you write, if you expect different outcomes.

        I never said I “support” rap. Find where I said that. However, not all rap contains “Filth.”

        “Running all over the web”? I did one Google Search and skimmed your blog, yea, that’s running. You said you didn’t read his blog, that is obviously a lie.

        I haven’t taken down any post. Nor have I referenced “Boys in the Band.”

        I don’t really care.

      • Submitted on 2014/05/03 at 2:03 PM | In reply to Rob Baker.

        No I didn’t say I haven’t referenced any blog but “From The Holler. On this specfic page it is the only blog page I referenced. Find the passage, or be proven to be a liar.

        You do care or you wouldn’t respond.

      • Using the edit button on my computer, I find you are the one who used ignorant first. You talk yourself into these situations, I do not feel sorry for you.

      • I don’t recall claiming you or I said anything first or second. Perhaps you should stop creating conflict when there is none.

      • If that is what you want. It is a known fact that you and folks in your blog group generally insult first. This is just another example. The ting for you to do, since it is all in balck and white, is just say George you are right.

      • George,

        We’ve been down this road before. I’ve hyperlinked numerous times where you threw the first mud. It was after that exchange that I instituted the new comment policy on my blog.

      • Absolutely untrue. You started your insult policy because of my constant compliants about insults on your pages. You called it whining. I can give as well as take but I can’t fight a biased moderater who has control of the edit/delete/ban buttom. True to form you were the first one here to use ignorant in your reply.

        To be honest I am being awful nice to you

      • No, I started it after you showed up George. The blog operated just fine for years until you showed up and began mud slinging wars with others.

      • Prove that I started the “mudslinging’ as you call it. Remeer I took snapshots of your blog. Are you going to be caught in another fib???

      • I’ve cited this to you numerous times George, I can’t even remember which post it is anymore. it was over a year ago.

      • You have cited me what??? All I see is a bunch of links.And if I did insult you so what, it is the tone you have set in the past. Quit whining.

        I can go to the exact postor page where you insults started if you really wnat me to prove you are lying. It is just that simple!!!!

      • Go ahead George. Cite away. But, if this is a “So what” situation as you just plainly stated, then why is this so important to you?

      • It means so what anytime I want to prove the type of person you are, I have proof. As I have always said you folks, neo-yankees, start with the insults.

      • The problem with that George, is that those comments have time stamps. Once you post that page, it is very obvious that you slang the first mud. So be my guest.

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