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“Then Sir, we will give them the bayonet”

Rob Baker, a HIGH SCHOOL “history” teacher, made the statement below  on Cold Southern Steel page at  “The filthy language is apparent in Dixie…it used to be a minstrel tune that made fun of black people”.

Remember he also said the same thing about Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band”  I think he has now either removed his original post or edited that post to a website that displays the lyrics to “American Band”  Go there and find filthy language if you dare!!!

Hummm is that so? Well if that is so then I would love Rob “TuPac” Baker to point out the fifthly language in Dixie or American Band.  I want to see it. Should not be a problem just copy and paste and then I will admit I am wrong.

But wait TuPac has left this blog!!! It appears he was getting his butt kicked again so he up and leaves. Can’t get his hand on the edit/delete button or ban anyone here, so he does the next best thing, he leaves in a huff. LOL LOL LOL

Now as to TuPac being a historian, well folks he is just not. He is biased and prejudiced in  his views and goes out of his way to corrupt the truth. Not the mark of a good historian. You may say well George you are biased in your views. Sure I am I admit I am, but the difference is historical fact supports my views where Tupac’s is easily exposed as untrue, For example–

If Tupac Baker was any sort of historian he would know that Dixie was written and performed by a Yankee minstrel company. He would know that Dixie was one of, if not Lincoln’s favorite song. These are facts  and they are posted at

 A good historian would at least look up the lyrics to a song before posting a song offensive, but TuPac Baker is no historian .


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