Thoughts about a “real historian”

“Then Sir, we will give them the bayonet” Stonewall Jackson

Just got an email notification that Rob Baker, a “real historian” has put up a page attacking the Virginia flaggers in Richmond. Go to

Wonder why a “real historian” has to go around attacking another persons heritage and casting about charges of racism? Can’t he let the facts speak for themselves?

In this page Baker tells an out untruth in saying this– “I personally do not have a problem with words. Now of course, I am considerate of others.”

Not so. Baker has edited and deleted many of my posts for the most ridiculous reasons you can imagine and recently banned me on some trumped-up charge of racism. That is okay Baker; you still haven’t quieted me down. My invitation is still open for you to join SHAPE and put me in my place. Quit hiding behind your trashy blog and come out in the open. If you want you can face me here I am sure Connie (at Backsass– would provide the space. How do you know the CBF the flaggers are using are made in China? Bet neither you nor Mackey got close enough to find out!!!!!! The same Chinese company that makes the CBF more than likely also makes the United States flag!!!!!

Oh yeah I also got a notification about another page you took down What is wrong “we’re An American Band wasn’t offensive enough for you?

Perhaps you would be more offended by Paul Revere and The Raiders “Boys in the Band’ here are just a bit of the lyrics—

“Mississippi’s on the drums and the bass guitar is from Texas
And the organ bossman and the singer was raised in the Northwest
Now the electric guitars come far from the heart of the South land
And now with your permission now we’ll listen to the boys in the band”

And I bet Elvis’s “Dixie” just drives you mad doesn’t it ????? LOL LOL LOL


16 thoughts on “Thoughts about a “real historian”

  1. By the way, it’s not Elvis’s “Dixie”, it’s “An American Trilogy”. He sings Dixie, Battle Hymn of the Republic, and All my Trials….with another climax of “Battle Hymn”.

  2. “What? The point that you were wrong about the title of the song?”

    Isn’t the song Dixie that goes — “O I wish I was in the land of cotton” If has been changed, show me when and where. Better call in Mackey, Dick, Simpson and Isabella on this.

    • If that were the only thing he sang, you would be right…but it is not. Elvis is singing a compilation song known as “An American Trilogy”. Written by Mickey Newbury (RIP), performed by Elvis. It is an entirely different song in that it is a compilation. You would have been more accurate to say,

      “And I bet [when] Elvis [sings that part from] “Dixie” [in ‘An American Trilogy’, it] just drives you mad, doesn’t it ?????”

      • Still there is no denying that Elvis sang Dixie. The proof can be heard in many places. We all know what you are doing, splitting hairs for the sake of arguing. Bottom line you have to look hard in the music before the 90s to find the sort pf fifth you support.

      • I can find easily before the 60s. And Elvis Dang American Trilogy, which puts emphasis on Battle Hymn of the Republic b more than anything.

      • “which puts emphasis on Battle Hymn of the Republic”

        Elvis doesn’t sing BHR he sings American Trilogy, remember? Changing your argument are you??? That is OK. All I gotta say, Elvis put so much emphasis on BHR he sings it AFTER DIXIE!!!!!!

        “can find easily before the 60s.”
        I can too and it certainly won’t be Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by the Platters, or American Band by GFR as being offensive which is just ridicules. Go back and listen to your fifth, well you more than likely don’t listen to that crap, but just argue that position as another one of your anti Southern stances.

      • I said he sings Trilogy. I said he places emphasis on BHR. Get a dictionary. It doesn’t matter which came first. BHR is the climax and finale.

      • Make up your mind does he sing Dixie or not? If he doesn’t sing Dixie he doesn’t simg BHR. Now which is it???

        “I said he places emphasis on BHR.”

        No he doesn’t, If he does then prove it. Why is that so important to you??? I do not need a dictionary high school “historian”!!!!! Emphasis on high school!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

      • You mean besides the fact that Dixie is the intro to the song, where as ‘Battle Hymn…’ is the climax and finale? His emphasis is undeniably on one song over the other two.

        I’m not sure why my working currently in a high school is that funny. It doesn’t detract from my work as a historian. Does Kevin Levin’s position in a high school detract from his work?

      • That is no proof there is any special emphasis placed on BHR. Only in your mind. You keep saying that — why. Does it have some special meaning to you? Now I know you are just making this argument so you don’t have to defend that rap crap that you pretend to listen to.

        I have said it before and I say it again, as a historian you are a joke. You are biased and prejudiced in your views. By your constant attacks, it is obvious you hate anything related to the Confederacy and the truth is out of your reach. A true historian does not have these faults. Like with your choice of music you chose to defend and your argument about Elvis singing Dixie, which he does perform. Now go find the filthy language in his Dixie or any other song he recorded or for that matter any song before rap. Lets see what you can pull from the archives of music history.

      • The emphasis is in numbers alone. Look how much time is given to Dixie, the way he sings compared to BHR.

        So I pretend to listen to music? Interesting. Also, I don’t listen to a lot of rap. Never have. Never implied that I did.

        I don’t really care what you think about my “historianship”. I’ve presented papers at academic conferences which were well received and commented on by prominent scholars in the field. I am in the talks for publication as well.

        The filthy language is apparent in Dixie…it used to be a minstrel tune that made fun of black people.

        Now that I’ve said that, I’m done commenting. You’re blog isn’t worth my traffic.

      • Yes I admit he does a better job with Dixie than BHR. Just way more beautiful. Again I ask why does it matter to you???

        “Also, I don’t listen to a lot of rap.”

        Ah but then you defend the fifth almost with a passion and that is what this article is about. Do you defend rape with the same passion?

        “I don’t really care what you think about my “historianship”.”

        Apparently you don’t care what anyone thinks of your “historianship.” You arre wrong on most points about the WBTS. That is easy enough to prove. I really don’t care how many papers you have submitted to what group, if they are like you biased and prejudiced in their views they are also wrong.

        Show me the fifty language in Dixie. I want to see it. Appears you know little or nothing about music also.

        The reason you are done is because you can’t win you just don’t measure up to the task as usual. Go watch you high schoool boys wallow around on the floor and get those fifthy thoughts out of your mind!!!!!!!


        By the way Dixie was Lincoln’s favorite song!!!!!!!!!!!!

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