Some Thoughts On Why attendence is Down at Beauvoir

Beauvoir has nothing to offer to compete with other tourist attractions here on the Gulf Coast.  They offer Confederate Memorial Day, Spring and Fall muster, and Christmas lights with buggy rides.  Tours of the grounds are mostly year round. That is it. There are only so many times a person wants to visit a museum.

The rest of the Gulf Coast offers excellent fishing inshore and around the islands.  Beautiful beaches on coast and most of the islands and we all know that a beautiful beach translates to —- water sports of course.   We have the casinos, with their excellent buffets and free shows and sometimes even a winner or two.  We are 75 miles from New Orleans or Mobile, we have pro hockey and in the process of getting pro baseball.  We have excellent golf facilities and for the most part beautiful weather 10 months out of the year. Our coliseum offers boxing; MMA, car, gun and boat shows, basketball, concerts, and festivals are offered in many of the venues along the coast.  A don’t forget about the weeklong “Crusin’ The Coast.” So what would you pick?

Pretty much the same problems can be said for Fort Massa chutes on Ship Island. People go for the fishing or the water and beach seldom does a person go just to visit the fort. In fact so few go the NPS used a volunteer last year to give tours.

Despite what you here  about New Orleans, Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast. All the beautiful historic houses are gone from Beach Boulevard; most of these former sites are now just empty lots. Our harbors are coming back but not fully up and running at this time. We are growing but at a slower pace. Now the reason this is a Confederate monument, there is a Confederate cemetery behind the main buildings. So the CBF has a place on the property, it is still a soldiers flag. If any flag does not have a place on the Beauvoir property it is the United States flag. Perhaps that is why attendance is down???


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