For Rob Baker

I am here Rob

This was supposed to be a continuation of the discussion at regarding any laws passed that outlaw secession.  Seems someone,Thad,  a Southern Patriot, with a real or fake name came to the discussion and kicked the some serious  Yankee butt with his or her  knowledge of the constitution. In fact this person was so knowledgeable Brooks Simpson could find no other reason to ban this “Thad”  other than  the fact our opponents suspected Thad might not be who said he was.

At any rate Rob Baker over at the Historic Struggle wanted to continue the discussion  so I gave him a forum to do so. needless to say he hasn’t the backbone to show up. I would have went to his place but he lacks facts so he loves the edit delete button and banned me because of a trumped up charge of racism. Oh well that is the only card he had to play.

I am still waiting Rob, grow a set and show up.


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