Taking on all neo-yankees

In Brooks Simpson’s blog page at http://cwcrossroads.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/opinions-wanted-coca-colas-super-bowl-commercial/  and his Chat Room at http://cwcrossroads.wordpress.com/chat-room/

I made two statements ” Slavery Had nothing to do with the WBTS and Secession was not illegal.  At this time no one single person has been able to present any facts other than the Declarations of Secession and A. Stephens Corner stone speech . We know both of these document are not declarations of war.

 Jimmy Dick, whom I am led to believe is some sort of teacher and published I might add is the person presenting the most posts and they are nothing but insults. he can’t put two facts together to prove either of my statement wrong. he is a bigot with a biased agenda.  It is a shame this is the sort educators we have today.  

Now I am going back to the opinions on the Coke commercial and make a post. I want to see if they actually believe what they post.  I invite everyone to go there and read. Could be I am proven wrong.



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