Commenting on  Rob Bakers blog posts at

They serve that is more than you and Rob did. Making statements like you have just made only serves to prove your bigotry.
“The Historical Baggage would be left at the door, but guess what type of people bring it back time and again?”

Well Isabella it is true you are a bigot and a racist. I notice you, Rob, Baker who has banned me from his blog and Jimmy Dick continue to make insults. That is fine it just serves to prove the ignorance the three of you wallow in. It is so true when you have no facts to present — INSULT. You 3 are living examples of that statement

Any way I just want to address your statement above. If you will go through the archives of Brooks Simpson, Corey Myer, Andy Hall and Rob Baker you will see they get their kicks by trolling the internet looking for Southern Heritage groups or events to take up an issue with. They are not historians by any stretch of the word.

 Now If you want to exchange facts with me you are more than welcome. I did notice when I posted the factual about the Mexican students taking down the US flag you made no comment. Why??? Does it go against you and your agenda of promoting the Hispanic culture and only attacking the white race?

As to the WBTS if you have the knowledge feel free to prove this statement wrong. Slavery had nothing to do with the war.

Let’s see how good you BS superior education is really worth.



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