Being a Neo-yankee

“Then sir , we will give them the bayonet”

Referencing to the above blog page, Al Mackey attempts to prove me wrong in some statements I made. While I don’t specifically remember making some of the statements, perhaps they were in something I copied and pasted to a page.  At any rate, I am a big strong fellow; I will take responsibility for these statements

 Let it be known that I DID post this passage to Brooks Simpson’s page at. This is the entire post.

  • No law had ever been passed that explicitly outlawed secession, the argument simply having been sidestepped by events. From the legal point of view it would have been difficult to accuse Mr. Davis of having committed any crime. Judge Chase felt there was no strong legal case against him for having been the president of the Confederacy, and added, with a surprising wisdom: “Lincoln wanted Jefferson Davis to escape, and he was right. His capture was a mistake. His trial will be a greater one. We cannot convict him of treason. Secession is settled. Let it stay settled.”

The Chase quote is from “The Long Surrender”, 1985, by Burke Davis
His sources are..
Southern Historical Papers, Vol. 37, pp 244-52
“Why Jefferson Davis Was Never Tried” by George S. Boutwell, is in ibid., Vol. 38. pp. 347-49.
“The U.S. vs. Jefferson Davis,” by Ray F. Nichols, American Historical Review, Vol. 3, No. 2, January 1926, pp 266 ff.
“The Trails and Trail of Jefferson Davis,” a paper read before the Virginia Bar Association 1900, and published by this organization.
************************************************************************************** ****************

I have more references at

Note that the posts are dated I have edited or posted anything new since the last date displayed.

Mackey in his excitement to prove Davis, Foote and myself wrong neglected to read or even follow-up on the link I provided, which would have saved him some time.  Instead he tries to break the sound barrier posting a page proving the three of us to be wrong.  Oh well, I guess it makes him feel good.

Because Mackey has supposingly again proved me wrong, Jimmy Dick feels like he has to chime in with more of his ignorant insults.  That is typical of Dick. He can’t prove me wrong by himself and with his facts so he hitches his wagon to another person’s wagon. He even wants me to post a reply to Mackey’s page. I would but I can’t because Mackey has banned me from posting to his pages. It appears that Mackey loves to hide behind the admin tools and insult people and post lies…

To be sure I had already proved the quote not too accurate on the link posted above and I have much more information posted in that thread. I will not post that info here.  I posted that quote for bait and look who took it!!!!

In order to get the information you must actually visit the Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education website.

 Now about the law, let me just say this to Mackey and Dick – regardless if Chase made the statement or not it is certainly proving to be true since neither one of you has posted any law, or passage from the Constitution proving that statement to be inaccurate.



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