And the hate just goes on

The hate never stops even with a hospital visit. Rob Baker just got out of the hospital or has made his recovery from a surgery and made his first post since coming back. In speaking of another blog Jimmy Dick starts right off insulting Southern heritage which I defended.  Well Rob Baker not being the sharpest tack in the pack, tells me my heritage is only worth insulting, these insults are simply facts and proves my heritage wrong. Of course he and Jimmy Dick together casts about their insults and demeaning remarks while he use the edit button on me and gives me a warning.  I think Baker must be a 13 year old kid that absolutely has to have his way.

Oh the post I made that he deleted. It was to Jimmy Dick’s comment about me and hot air. I replied and this may not be exact— “Speaking of hot air, there is plenty around here with your bad breath or did that stench come from another part of your body?”

Yeah Rob you and Dick hide behind the edit button it is the only way you can beat me.


19 thoughts on “Stupid Things People Say About the Civil War: Part 4”

  1. I have found Dunford and his toadie Carmichael to be the typical neo-confederate libertarian types who merely parrot the Lost Cause garbage in order to justify their uneasy relationship with the real world and their place in it. History is meaningless to them unless they can control its message in order to place themselves in a superior position. There is no discussion with them because they don’t want any discussion that involves facts.

    Furthermore, as we have seen from both of them in Dunford’s new blog there is nothing to learn from them. Both are saying nothing. They have no facts so everything they post is merely their opinion. Why even have a blog and say you’re going to educate people when you fail to do so? You can’t explain anything to them because they don’t want to hear anything that goes against their beliefs even when you show them the facts. It is an incredible amount of willful ignorance built upon the denial of anything they don’t want to hear.

    I will not be returning to that blog as it is a waste of time. Jerry has threatened one poster with rape while Carmichael threatens violence to everyone he disagrees with while hiding behind a fake name. In that aspect they’re just your typical Tea Party type in that they have to resort to force to get their way when their views are rejected by the majority. Then they want to use the law to force people to do what Jerry and Carmichael want when they of course don’t want the government to make them do anything they don’t want. They fail to see the paradox.

    What can you expect of people with limited intelligence?

  2. Rob ,

    Posted to Brook’s blog.

    Let me say this, I have a great disliking for most of your buddies because of their twisted views of history, their insults (you know who you are, their forwardness and their lies i.e., Levin, Mackey, Hall, and Meyer. The others I didn’t mention I can tolerate to some degree. That being said, and in the case of Dunford I have use of his language at all. I was going to make a halfhearted stand against some the comments you fellows made on his post, but after reading some of his comments to other people, I really don’t want my name associated with him.
    I do agree with one statement he made, if you insult me or my heritage expect the same in return

    George Purvis
    Website: Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education
    Blog: Cold Southern Steel

      • Like I said just an opinion of yours. True history is on the side of the South. Not my fault you haven’t a clue. Man I love this, glad you decided to go back to exchanging insults, I can do this forever. I sure missed you when you were down.

        • This post isn’t about the “true story” {which is



          on the side of the South}. And you won’t be exchanging insults. Comments about someone’s statements are fine, direct personal insults are blocked. You know the rules George.

    • Heritage? We are not heritage supporters. We are historians. There is a huge difference.

      “History is about the past exclusively and the modalities are inquire and understanding. Heritage is how we use the past and see it in the present. It is more about cultured identity and affirmation. The past doesn’t change.” Ray Raphael

        • I’d say he is, since he is published, has a degree and teaches at the college level. You run an internet site dedicated to cherry picked quotes void of context and analysis.

          Regardless, stay on topic.


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