Al Mackey playing in the sewers

Mackey likes to holler about hate and not history and racism  when insulting Southern researchers. Looks like he should shed his hate and bigotry and not be in such a hurry to attack anything Southern. Now he has to eat crow!!!!!!  LOL LOL LOL What an idiot.

he is referring to this story found at a hip hop website—

I know they are not racist or biased— yeah right. To their credit, not one person on Mackey’s blog bought into his trashy post.

For the true story go to

Now tell me couldn’t this just be a story about a proud descendant of the Confederacy fighting to save another persons property regardless of the hate and bigotry shown towards the Confederate Battleflag?

In the near future I will be making some posts on a racist banner. Mackey you had better pull your panties up good and tight.


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