More Al Mackey spin

Mackey is now going through the secession  docs cherry picking various quotes and passages from the docs to make his hate filled bigoted  agenda.  Of course he gets his usual bigots to join in agreement. Most of them haven’t the good sense to look up the documents themselves and one hater openly admits this to be true.  I suggest everyone read these documents without prejudice and note the items not associated  each item for what it really is.

For instance lets take this passage —-It seeks not to elevate or to support the slave, but to destroy his present condition without providing a better.

Mackey’s spin is “As if freedom wasn’t an elevation of their status.” That is a statement a bigot or a fool would make. Take for instance all slaves were freed over night  Where would they go?How would they feed themselves and their children?Where would they find shelter. I got an idea, why not read a couple of my pages back and see what happens when slaves ARE Freed in mass and come under the protection of the Union army? —–

A real massacre of Unarmed civilians —-

The bottom line is regardless of the reason Mississippi, Georgia, Texas, or South Carolina decided to leave the Union, it was their right. Period. It could have been because of the smell of Lincoln if they had wanted to go that route.



One thought on “More Al Mackey spin

  1. An after thought– If Mackey advocates freeing the slaves by just kicking them off the farm, and without providing something better, then why doesn’t Mackey advocate for all welfare programs be abolished immediately???

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