Another Al Mackey version of history –Fort Pillow

Al Mackey is back at it again spinning history and telling lies.This tuime it is about Gen. N. B. Forrest at Fort Pillow. Of course, true to form,  Mackey presents a good case digging up everything he can find to convict the Confederates of a huge massacre of Black troops. I could spent a lot of time finding counter arguments and facts to present that would show the Confederate side of that issue. The question is why should I? We know the outcome of the trail conducted by Gen W.T. Sherman FORREST and The Confederate were all found NOT GUILTY!!!!

So it seems that the fault for the massacre can’t be assigned to one particular person, but rather to a combination of things, including confederate policy, the effect of the culture of a slave society on its inhabitants, Forrest’s habit of threatening no quarter, rage on the part of Forrest’s men left over from their reversal at Paducah, and perhaps even Forrest himself.  Certainly as the commander of the soldiers who perpetrated the massacre, Forrest bears a command responsibility, even though we have no definitive evidence of his ordering or desiring the massacre.

Reading the comments Mr. Rob Baker asks Mackey if this so-called massacre was a product of a long drawn out war and Mackey’s final answer is it was a result of slavery.Well gee Mackey first of all SHERMAN and his court found there was no massacre, much less having anything to do with slavery. So how do you determine otherwise?

Could the reason so many Negroes got killed is because they were wearing the wrong color of Uniform? Could it be because they turned tail and ran or maybe the gunboats that came up to help them killed a few?

I notice Mackey mentions the Crater and a few other battles. At the crater as well as at Fort Wagner the Union led negroes just got a butt whipping. Plain and simple.

A real massacre is what happened at Marianna, Fl. Which I have already posted

If you want a story about an atrocity committed against Negroes, before the week is out I will post a real true story just for you.


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