Reconciliation. Really???

In this post, Al Mackey brings up the idea that Confederate Heritage groups are challenging the legality of Lincoln and his son Todd’s statue at Tredegar Iron works, Richmond, Virginia.


Myself I really couldn’t care less one way or the other. What does bother me at the end of the article Mackey makes this statement “Anyone looking at it can tell it’s about reconciliation.”

Really??? Why did Lincoln have to make amends to his young son?? Maybe there is a skeleton in the Lincoln closet we don’t know about? If this is supposed to represent reconciliation to the South, then why isn’t Lincoln standing with bowed head and just the words “I’m sorry for my illegal war”. Or maybe standing with his arm around a widow and children of a dead Confederate soldier looking to the heavens and asking for forgiveness? Perhaps a statue of Lincoln sitting with his head in his hands surrounded by scenes of the ruined south would go a long way toward reconciliation.   Another good statue would have been Lincoln surrounded by dead bodies of all races proclaiming “For my taxes’ would go a long way toward telling the truth.

There are many statues that could promote reconciliation; this is not one of them. Also it is impossible to believe that Al Mackey, and Andy Hall want any sort of reconciliation considering the bias,  hate, bigotry, and outright lies both have display toward Confederates, their cause, and their descendants.


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