Another Al Mackey Hatefest

Then , Sir, we will give them the bayonet.– Stonewall Jackson

Al Mackey is having himself another hatefest. The worlds biggest bigot is now attacking Tim Manning who is supposed to be a member of a unknown Confederate heritage group. Mackey is now part of the “anti-American scum of the confederate heritage movement.” His crime to become scum? He posts the truth of course. Truth which Mackey cannot prove wrong. That being the case Mackey does what neo-yankees do best –hide behind a computer keyboard and  insult.

You may say but gee George you are doing the same thing. No not really if anyone wants to take me one in a factual debate I am willing and I can hold my own with insults.

Now we all know how Mackey and his group of butt sniffing lackeys  constantly moan about Southern symbols, take back the flag, racism, traitors etc etc etc.   I find it amazing he still has any readers. You would think the group of historians Mackey is associated with, and I use the term historians very loosely, Rob Baker, Brooks Simpson, Corey Myers, Andy Hall and Kevin Levin, would speak up and condemn Mackey’s  insulting statements. I guess since they haven’t they must agree with these insults? I for one would not want my name to be associated with an idiot and bigot like Mackey.

Even if he posts true historical facts how can one believe him when he is so filled with hate?

George Purvis                                                                    

Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education


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