Just can’t fight the politically correct crowd

Seems like the politicians have already made up their minds about the monument to a bunch of raping murdering thieves in the Olustee State Park. Although a meeting has been called I have my doubts it will change the minds of the ignorant people in charge.



Thank you for writing to Governor Rick Scott with your concerns regarding the proposed monument at Olustee Battlefield Historic State Park. I have been asked to respond.

After thoroughly considering all of the comments, the Division of Recreation and Parks agrees that the Union fallen receive less recognition at the state park than do the Confederate fallen. This is based on the language of the 1912 monument, which commemorates the devotion of only the Confederate soldiers, on the commemorative pavers around the monument, which identify only the Confederate units, and on the two small monuments to Confederate generals. As fitting as these monuments undoubtedly are, no comparable recognition of the Union participants in the battle exists on state or federal property that would be part of a regular visit by a state park visitor. As the agency responsible for presenting the story of the Battle of Olustee to the visiting public, the Division agrees that a monument to Union soldiers in the state park would be appropriate.

 A public meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Columbia Count School District Auditorium on Monday, December 2, 2013. The address is 372 West Duval Street, Lake City, Florida 32055. The meeting will feature a presentation of the monument’s proposed final location for public review and comment.

Again, thank you again for sharing your comments.                               Albert Gregory                                                                                     Assistant Director                                                                              Division of Recreation and Parks                                               Department of Environmental Protection                                                                                                 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard                                                      Tallahassee, Florida 32303                                                                     850-245-3029                                                                 Albert.Gregory@dep.state.fl.us


And my second response —

So your mind is already made up? Your explanation still does not address why an invading army deserves any recognition at all. Do you understand the cause of the war, the abuses and destruction heaped on the South? Did you actually read the email i send about the Massacre at Marianna, Fl.? Do you understand the abuses suffered by the women and children of the at the hands of the Invading Yankees, the rape murder and the stealing? Do you have any idea of the abuses suffered by Southern Soldiers who were captured and imprisoned in Yankee Concentration camps. From your comments, sir you do not.
Sir to educate yourself I suggest you visit my website “Yankee Atrocities” at http://confederatepows.southernheritageadvancementpreservationeducation.com/page.php?6  read these sourced entries and then in good faith tell me a Yankee needs recognition. They deserve no more recognition than Hitler’s concentration camp guards
George Purvis
Proud son of the South



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