More Hate and Lies from Al Mackey

Al Mackey just can’t help himself. he really can’t. Mackey is so blinded by his hate of anything Confederate that he just throws facts out the door. To heck with facts, who needs them he says.  This time Mackey and his haters are attacking the SCV as well as the status of Confederate Veterans.

 Take a look at his trashy blog page at —  Mackey rants about traitors not veterans etc. If Mackey wasn’t so blinded by hate he could have found this photo of the entrance to Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.





2 thoughts on “More Hate and Lies from Al Mackey

  1. And then there is this update —–

    Veteran’s Day Parade

    Good Morning Gentleman,

    According to the report on WBIR you are not allowing the Longstreet Zolicoffer Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans to participate in this year’s parade. First of all, I must greatly disagree with your decision. Confederate Veterans are considered American Soldiers according to Constitution law. The Veteran’s Administration recognizes them as American Veterans. I just marked my ancestors grave in Dandridge with a marker given to me by the VA.

    Second. They reported that you denied their request because of a picture that was in the News Sentinel showing they did fly the flag. Those were indeed my flag and Mr. H.K. Edgerton’s (who is black) flag in the background where we were standing on the side of the road. You can clearly see and compare them with the picture taken last year of us before the parade started. But I do believe that you know this already and using it as an excuse to exclude the camp from the parade.

    Third, Mr. Edgerton and I have been standing there for many years since you have made your decision not to allow the camp. For the record, we have NEVER had anyone say or do anything cross to us. 99% of all parade marchers and viewers wave at us and cheer us on. Both white and black races cheer us. I challenge you to have a member of your post come and stand near us this Monday and observe. You will see that you have made a very unpopular decision by not allowing the flag in the parade.

    Mrs. Lisa Thomas
    Proud Confederate Descendant

  2. And from H. K———–

    Dear Mrs. Thomas,

    Any American Veteran who would even participate in my estimation, in an event that practices content discrimination against another American Veteran is as guilty as those who sponsor the event. American Legion Post # 2 and the City of Knoxville should be held liable in an American Court of law for this deed. I tire of standing on that corner in protest year after year as this illegal and un-American death blow is allowed to continue.

    Just as the American Indian said when they joined the Confederate States of America against those who hijacked the Stars and Stripes during the War Between the States; “we do so because those of you of the Northern Federal Government can’t be trusted”. You break every treaty you make, and place yourselves above your very own laws. And as you have stated; the Confederate Flag is a venerated symbol by the United States Congress, and the Confederate Soldier,” an American Veteran”. Yet Congress and the Supreme Court turn their backs on the law of the land.

    I again reiterate that there is a shared blame here, and it belongs to every veteran, especially those who call themselves Southern to participate alongside American Legion Post # 2 in this event and should withhold any consideration of support fiscally or humane nationally. God bless you.

    Your brother,


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