Where are the Facts???

Al Mackey is on the attack again at  http://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/are-neoconfederates-crazy/#respond

As usual he has his lackeys in line, marching heel to toe, to agree with him . Notice every person who posted did not post one fact disputing anything Ms Protopapas posted? Wonder who the crazies are on that blog?

George Purvis


10 thoughts on “Where are the Facts???

  1. George, no one posted anything to dispute Ms. Protpapas because it is plainly and painfully obvious Ms. P. does not know the first thing about what she is talking about…much like you.

  2. No one responded because of how absurd her statement is given the literal plethora of evidence to the contrary. Numerous books and essays are publishable and readily acceptable that examine the religious aspects of the Civil War.

    But here is the kicker, use this website, http://sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/reasons.html. It is the Declaration of Causes for Secession for Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas. Hit Ctrl + F. This opens up a search box. Type in the word “slave” and hit enter. Note the results. Type in “property” and hit enter. Note the results. Then type in the word “God,” and the word “Divine” and the word “Religion.” Note the results of each. It’s pretty self explanatory. Lady Val might see it as a holy Crusade, but Southerners at the time did not. Well…..except maybe for Jackson, who probably saw it along the lines of Apocryphal. The one side that could truly be cited as believing this is a holy crusade, would be a distinct population within the abolitionists, who saw this as “God’s Wrath” or punishment to the nation as a whole for the “evils of slavery.” (paraphrasing John Brown and those that wrote songs about him)

    • That is exactly what I am asking what evidence do we have to prove her wrong? This is new territory for me so i stand neautral on the issue. Have we any more responses from Ms P? Now I won’t attack anyones religion or what they may believe, but will politely listen to thier argument.

      As to your secession documents I will address them next week.have your facts together.

      I am off on a fishing trip!!!!!!!!!

      Have a Dixie weekend.


    • Rob,

      I just can’t believe you are going to trot these secession docs. out to run a race for you, and on top of that you want to play a numbers game with them. Ok, sounds like fun; we will use your source. Let’s see—

      1. Doesn’t matter have many times the word slavery or slave is used in these docs. it is still only one issue like Indian raids, or the care of the freed slaves. There are more issues but I am already of you by one, that is enough.

      2. These docs. were issued by four (4) states, what about the other 9 Confederate states?

      3. I would guess the population of these other nine states was greater than the four states your source lists. That would mean that more Southerners were not fighting for the preservation of slavery. Of course this doesn’t count the numerous slave owners who fought for and were loyal to the Union. Were they fighting for the preservation of slavery? they were fighting for the Constitution under which slavery was legal. BTW you still haven’t posted one document proving the North wasn’t fighting to preserve slavery.

      4. The number of times these four states said they were going to war for anything — 0.

      5. How many of these 4 states shared a common border– 2, South Carolina and Georgia. Now convince me these two or four states would wage war against the United States which most states still had common borders.

      The only signifiance of these documents is the facts they are a list of grievances against the United States. The only significance of slavery in these documents is the number of times it is mentioned.


      • George, emphasis is on the pure volume of time spent on issues. Every document cites slavery, over and over again. Other issues may have been mentioned, but it is blatantly obvious, as per the amount of attention paid, that slavery and/or the expansion of slavery is numero uno, You can marginalize it all you want, but it is there in plain black and white.

        Andy Hall (or Al Mackey), have already pulled the numerous documents pertaining to the other states.

        What “Southerners” were fighting for, is a moot topic since reasons ranged from preserving slavery to impressing Sallie Mae. What matters is the policy for which they fought for. The Confederate policy is extensive in their reasoning. To protect the aspects for which they seceded. The Union’s policy is not dependent on the South’s. Just because the South fights to defend Slavery, does not mean the North fights to abolish it. It’s faulty logic to assert such things. The North’s policy is clearly indicated by their documents; preservation of the Union.

        Those states cite why they fight, which is what Hall and Mackey already allude to. To say they stated reasons ‘0″ times, is just plain idiotic.

        You are basing this argument on the premise that only the 4 states I provided exist or matter. I’m not going to answer the question since the flawed logic that poses it is evident. Just because I used these 4 states as examples, does not mean the conversation is limited to those 4 states.

        Correct George. The list of grievances, i.e. reasons of secession, and the number of times slavery is mentioned is significant. You learned something.

      • No every document doesn’t cite slavery as the reason for the war; these docs only refer to slavery as one of the reason for secession. If that were not true, you would have at least posted one passage that supports your argument.

        You expect me to believe Hall and Mackey??? You must be kidding!!!! If they have so many docs, then let’s see where any major player for the South says we are fighting to preserve slavery. Post it here. You had access to them but failed to post the info. Prove me wrong. If you can.

        No what Southerners were fighting for is not a moot topic especially when you trot out the “Declarations’ as your proof positive the war was all because of slavery. The “policy” that fought for is “the right to repeal invaders.” If this is the way you want to go I can easily post some of the comments made by Lincoln claiming the territories as being for whites.

        I never stated the North was fighting to abolish slavery, but to preserve the Union was to preserve slavery, it is that simple.

        At the time these docs. Were written there was no fighting, they are not declarations of war, war isn’t even mentioned. No in light of these facts how on earth can the South be fighting to preserve slavery? Because two bigoted and biased neo-yankees say so? Why don’t you do the research read the documents and then post the exact passage here that says we are fighting for slavery. I want to see it.

        By your own admission these are grievences not declarations of war. Their only significance is the number of time slavery is mentioned and it is still only one of many issues.congrats you also learned something.

      • Couldn’t the same be said about you and your buddies. I mean you go out of the way to twist facts so they support your agrument. If Jimmy Dick has proven, on your pages, the war was fought by the Confederattes to preserve slavery, then post these docs. here. It is simple.

        George Purvis
        Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education

        PS: In the next few days i will be posting some notes that support Ms P.’s position that religion could have had something to do with the war. It is just a buch of notes I saved out of general interest, not research interest. They will be edited to remove the names of the posters. I will post them on a separate post.

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